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DE 18  Smart Hybrid

DE 18 Smart HybridTechnical Data

Diesel-electric ­hybrid locomotive for heavy shunting and mainline service

At a glance

  • Existing locomotive enhanced by additional battery system
  • No limitation of the 1,800 kW diesel engine power
  • Up to one hour of shunting without emissions
  • Drive through zero-emission areas in tunnels or indoor operations
  • Extended start-stop support for the diesel engine, hence associated savings on fuel costs, maintenance costs and pollutants
  • Simple integration of the batteries without complex interconnection of diesel engine and batteries – and therefore safe for innovations
  • Plug and play solution, replacement of the 1,000-litre additional tank with rechargeable battery module
  • Integration of a lithium-ion battery with the latest lithium-ion technology
  • Plug-in hybrid, ecologically sound with affordable charging overnight from external electricity supply
  • Fast charging via the diesel engine
  • Nominal capacity of the traction battery of 73.6 kWh
  • Depending on use of the battery up to 7,000 charging cycles, Lifetime 8-10 years
  • Total weight of the locomotive <84 t
  • Homologation in Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg
  • 100% takeover of the electrical auxiliary operations
  • Reduction of the high idle energy consumption in shunting operations, which makes up on average 60% of a shunting locomotive’s operational performance
  • 184 kW continuous power (charge/discharge)
  • Up to 592 kW short time discharge power
DE 18 Smart Hybrid

SmartHybrid battery systemintegrated into the installation space of the additional tank